Window Insulation

Proven Energy-saving alternative to costly Window Replacement

Energy Loss

20% of your homes’ energy is lost through windows. To produce 1m2 aluminium window creates 500kg of CO2
Energy prices are increasing, so will the cost of window replacement.

Solar Energy

Generating solar energy is the most efficient way of ensuring affordable energy for all. We will increase energy generation for your new or existing solar panels.


Our proven range of materials provide the best cost benefit solutions to you. To truly save carbon, we provide affordable retrofit solutions.

Window Insulation Ltd


Reduce your carbon emissions & lower your energy bills. Install Window Insulation to reduce heat loss, overheating & condensation. Giving you a happier home.

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Businesses aiming to save energy & meet corporate responsibility, Window Insulation will reduce energy loss providing a healthier working environment.

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Transportation & Public Facilities demand the highest safety standards. Invest in Window Insulation; save energy, reduce skin cancer risk & meet carbon reduction commitments.

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